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  • Eid Bundle by Olim Naturals

    Celebrate this Eid with the ultimate skincare regimen from Olim Naturals, the pioneer in Pakistan for introducing research-based skincare and haircare products. Our Eid Bundle is specially curated to give your skin a festive glow, combining the power of Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and Glutathione with the gentle touch of Rose Gel and the protective strength of SPF 30. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself to a skincare makeover, here's what the Eid Bundle includes:

    Bundle Products:

    1. Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum: A perfect blend for controlling sebum and minimizing pores.
    2. Moisturizer + SPF 30: Dual-action hydration and sun protection.
    3. Vitamin C + Glutathione Brightening Cream: For a bright, even-toned complexion.
    4. Rose Gel: Soothing hydration with a gentle rose fragrance.
    5. Vitamin C Toner for Glowing Skin: Refreshes and preps your skin.
    6. Niacinamide + Almond Scrub: Gently exfoliates for smoother, brighter skin.

    How to Use:

    Morning Routine:

    1. Cleanse: Start with clean, damp skin.
    2. Tone: Apply the Vitamin C Toner to balance and refresh your skin.
    3. Serum: Use the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum for pore care.
    4. Moisturize: Apply the Moisturizer + SPF 30 for hydration and sun protection.
    5. Brightening Cream: Lock in the glow with the Vitamin C + Glutathione Brightening Cream.

    Evening Routine:

    1. Exfoliate: Use the Niacinamide + Almond Scrub 2-3 times a week for deep cleansing.
    2. Rose Gel: Apply for soothing overnight hydration.

    7 Key Benefits:

    1. Pore Perfection: Niacinamide helps refine and reduce the look of pores.
    2. Sun Safe: SPF 30 guards against daily sun exposure.
    3. Bright and Even: Vitamin C and Glutathione for a luminous complexion.
    4. Soothing Hydration: Rose Gel for gentle, calming moisture.
    5. Prepped and Primed: Vitamin C Toner sets the stage for flawless makeup.
    6. Smooth and Soft: The scrub exfoliates for touchably soft skin.
    7. All-Day Moisture: Hydrate and protect with our specially formulated cream.


    1. Is the Eid Bundle suitable for all skin types? Absolutely! We've formulated each product to be gentle yet effective for a variety of skin types.

    2. Can I use these products together? Yes, we've designed the bundle for comprehensive daily and weekly care.

    3. How often should I use the scrub? 2-3 times a week is ideal for most skin types.

    4. Is sunscreen necessary if I'm indoors? Yes, to protect against UVA rays, we recommend daily use of our Moisturizer + SPF 30.

    5. Where can I buy the Eid Bundle? Available on our website and select retailers across Pakistan.

    6. How can I incorporate Olim Naturals Sunblock into my routine? Apply sunblock over the moisturizer for extended outdoor activities for added protection.

    Olim Naturals is proud to be the first in Pakistan to offer such a comprehensive, research-based skincare approach. Our Eid Bundle is your key to unlocking glowing, healthy skin this festive season.