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So What Are You Waiting For! Buy Multani Mitti Price In Pakistan.

Multani mitti, also known as fuller's earth, is a natural cleanser and astringent with numerous skin benefits, including oil reduction. battling acne. So What Are You Waiting For! Buy Multani Mitti Price In Pakistan.

Used for Skin tone and radiance.

Increased nutrient and moisture retention.

Increased circulation.

An exfoliating effect and a tightening effect.

What happens when you use multani mitti?

Multani mitti aids in skin clearing and cleansing by removing acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. It also helps to reduce open pores on the skin, improves blood circulation, and gives the face a glow.

Can multani mitti be used to treat acne scars?

Multani mitti face pack functions as an effective and skin-friendly cleaning agent that helps to lighten blemishes or scars and also eliminates skin inflammations in the most effective manner, resulting in a clearer complexion due to its exfoliating properties.

Can multani mitti get rid of dark circles?

Multani mitti combined with rose water is an extremely effective remedy for treating dark circles and premature wrinkles around the eyes. Rose water revitalises the under eye area and gradually reduces dark circles.

Can we leave multani mitti alone for the night?

Combine the sandalwood, turmeric, and Multani mitti powder with water to make a thick paste. Allow to dry after applying directly to acne pimples. It can also be left on overnight. Rinse and pat dry with lukewarm water.

How long does it take multani mitti to work?

One tablespoon of Multani mitti Take one well-whisked egg white. Combine the two to make a paste-like consistency. Allow to sit for 15 minutes on a clean face.

Is it possible to remove tan with multani mitti?

Multani Mitti, the main ingredient, removes tan, evens out skin tone, and prevents acne. It also removes excess oil from your skin, keeping it looking clean.

Can Multani Mitti lighten the skin?

Skin tone is evened out and the complexion is brightened.

Multani mitti also helps to improve skin tone. It has a mild bleaching effect that aids in the reduction of blemishes and dark spots. Apply a pack made of multani mitti, lemon juice, and raw milk to the affected area. After 20 minutes, wash your hands.

Can we use multani mitti on a daily basis?

Yes, for oily skin, a multani mitti pack can be used every other day. Rose water can be used in place of lemon juice.

Where can i buy Multani Mitti in pakistan ?

You can buy Multani Mitti In Pakistan By visiting OLIM NATURALS official website.

What is the Multani Mitti price in pakistan ?

Olim Naturals Pure Multani Mitti price in pakistan is PKR 130 For 150 Gram Jar.